Exclusive Nailuj Villarroel Design created for a beautiful photo-shooting in a marvelous mansion in Orlando FL in collaboration with Why Orlando Magazine   and Omayra Rodriguez Mrs. Mundo Latina.
Floral Print Set exclusive Nailuj Villarroel designs ready for an excited Spring Cocktail Event.
Choreography wardrobe for Discover Your Beauty by Nailuj Villarroel.
Creative Costuming for Exclusive Costumers in  Central Florida by Nailuj Villarroel.
 Wardrobe for Ivy Queen Concert by Nailuj Villarroel.
Exclusive designs by Nailuj Villarroel for Karlo Rigo in Spain. Performer well known native from Puerto Rico. @karlo_rigo.
Nailuj Villarroel Exclusive Design for Angel Lopez show at Premios Lo Nuestro.
Nailuj Villarroel Exclusive Design at Met Gala Night at Orlando Museum of Art.